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What is the process of buying a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Package?
First contact the professionals @ Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacations. Let us know exactly what you are planning. We will create the perfect Myrtle Beach Golf Package for your group. We will create you a personal quote, reflecting hotels and condos, golf course choices and per person price. When you decide on a Myrtle Beach Golf Package that fits your needs and price range, we will arrange tee-times for your review. Upon acceptance of the Myrtle Beach Golf Package with tee-times, we will require a $50.00 per person deposit. The balance will be due 30 days prior to your day of arrival.

What happens if we have to cancel our Myrtle Beach Golf Package?
If you cancel your trip after making the deposit but before making final payments, you will receive your full deposit less 5% of the deposit. After final payments:
Hotels or Condos:
Depending on where you are staying, different accommodations have different policies. I will refund all monies not charged by the hotels/condos less 5%. Usually the accommodation will let you out with minimal charge outside of two weeks of arrival.
Golf Courses:
I control the golf tee-times up until four day before the day of play. There are no charges for changes. Complete cancellations will be refunded less a 5% charge. Within three day of play, the golf courses control the refunds or rain checks.

What happens if the weather is bad?
It is usually up to the golfer to decide if the weather is too bad to play. Myrtle Beach Golf Courses seldom close completely for bad weather. If you are due a refund from a Myrtle Beach Golf Course because of bad weather (by discretion of the golf course, in which Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacations is still in control of the monies, you will receive a full refund less 5%. If the Myrtle Beach Golf Course is in control of the monies, they will either refund monies or issue a rain check, usually good for one year.

What happens if one of the golfers has to cancel at the last minute?
The golfer will be responsible for any green fees within four day of play. He will receive a refund less 5% of any green fees outside of four days. He will be responsible for the Hotels or Condos portions of his package unless the group leader decides to spread it over the entire group.

What Airlines fly into Myrtle Beach?
Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) is served by a variety of airlines. An alternate airport 80 miles south of Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC is three times the size of Myrtle Beach and is served by additional carriers. Florence, SC. is 60 miles, West of Myrtle Beach. Wilmington, NC. is 75 miles North of Myrtle Beach? Flights on discount carriers from a variety of cities are under $200 round trip. The primary airlines serving Myrtle Beach:

Charleston International Airport 5500 International Blvd. # 101 Charleston, SC 29418 843-767-1100 Wilmington International Airport 1740 Airport Blvd Wilmington, NC 28405 Florence Regional Airport Highway 501 Florence, SC 843-669-5001

Do I need a Rental car in Myrtle Beach?
Without a doubt, are usually 20 to 45 minutes from condos or hotels. Taxis charges can get expensive.

Does Myrtle Beach South arrange airfares?
We will, but prefer to let you make you internet flights yourself.

What are some Driving Times to Myrtle Beach?
Charlotte to Myrtle Beach - 3-31/2 hours
Raleigh to Myrtle Beach - 3-3/12 hours
Washington, D.C. – 6-1/2 hours

How are Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Rated?
Myrtle Beach Golf Courses are rated by different entities for different reasons. Golf digest has a very respectable golf course rating book, “Places to Play”. These rating are base on responses from a very few to maybe several, “Golf Digest” subscribers, which have played a particular golf course. If you are a golf course that heavily advertises in “ Golf Digest” are you more likely to get a favorable rating or an unfavorable rating. There are Myrtle Beach golf course associations that have hurt feelings from not being recognized as the saviors of the Myrtle Beach Golf Package business. They tend to give negative feedback from disgruntled golfers much more weight than positive responses from knowledgeable golfers. I would view the rating as entertainment only. I have a Myrtle Beach Golf Course Top 100 ranking / rating based entirely on my 40+ years as a PGA member in the Myrtle Beach Golf Package market.

Are all Myrtle Beach Golf Courses, always in perfectly groomed conditions?
The Myrtle Beach Golf Package market is a long narrow stretch of coast from Georgetown, SC. to Wilmington, NC. This market is 110 miles long and 15 miles wide at Conway, SC. There is a very diverse soil type distribution and well as climate difference. There are golf courses right along the ocean’s salt marshes and golf courses inland in typically dry fields. There are golf courses with Bermuda based greens and golf courses with Bent grass greens. Bermuda grass greens are typically in their best condition in July, August, September and October. Bermuda grass greens are over seeded with a winter grass (rye or a rye, fescue, poa triv blend) in October. Overseeding of the greens require that they be aerified/verticut prior to the over seeding process. I will not schedule any of my Myrtle Beach Golf Packages on an over seeded Bermuda green until after 7 days. I will schedule a golf package round after 7 days at the golfers knowledgeable request. These over seeded Bermuda greens are in their best condition from February to June. Bermuda based greens are usually their weakest in June. Bermuda grass greens are usually areified in late May or early June. I will not schedule any of my Myrtle Beach Golf Packages on an areified Bermuda green until after 7 days. I will schedule a golf package round after 7 days at the golfers knowledgeable request. Bent grass greens are typically in their best shape from September until June. Bent grass greens are usually the weakest in July and August. Bent grass greens are usually areified in early May and early September. I will not schedule any of my Myrtle Beach Golf Packages on areified green until after 7 days. I will schedule a golf package round after 7 days at the golfers knowledgeable request. With today’s technical advantages, the money available for golf course conditioning, a Myrtle Beach golf course can be in a weaken condition today and be in great shape next week.


If you think there may be a serious concern, call the golf course itself. Ask the Club’s professional. He will tell you the truth. I cannot guarantee a particular course’s condition next month or next season. But, I can recommend or not recommend a course on my years of experience and the courses reputation to the Myrtle Beach Golf Package. Golf in Myrtle Beach is big business, the course better spend the money to keep itself in good shape or it will suffer.

Why are Golf Cart Rentals Mandatory?
When the Myrtle Beach Golf Courses were being built in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, they were built as housing development amenities. They knew nothing of the coming Myrtle Beach Golf Packages. They bought a few of the new thing, “The Golf Cart”. They originally had a small fleet of carts and allowed the Myrtle Beach golf packager to choose whether to ride, rent a pull cart or carry his own bag (there were no caddies). The golf courses became more and more heavily involved in the Myrtle Beach Golf Package business. The Myrtle Beach Golf Package vacationer wanted to rent a golf cart. There were numerous days that they did not have enough golf carts to accommodate all the golfers that wanted to ride. The seasonal demand of the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages for golf cart rentals created problems. Do the golf courses buy more golf carts to insure all golfers access to the golf carts, everyday during the golf season? Do they have the golf carts go unrented for the other half of the year? Do the golf courses make some of the Myrtle Beach Golf Package golfers angry by not having enough golf carts available? How do you manage the potential golf carts rental loses to the real golf cart acquisition cost? The answer for the golf courses was easy. Most of the Myrtle Beach golf package golfers wanted to ride the golf carts, while they were on vacation. The golf courses would buy enough golf carts for every rider every day. The golf cart rental became MANDATORY. It has nothing to do with the speed of play. It has every thing to do with economics.

What are Surcharges, why do I have to pay them?
SURCHARGES are the results of the Myrtle Beach Golf Package advertising. In the early years of the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages all the Myrtle Beach golf courses charged basically the same green fee price, carts (were paid for at the course, not usually part of the package) or walking was your option. The difference in the cost of the package was the difference in the quality of the Hotels or Condos. SURCHARGES did not begin to show up until years later. As higher land cost and construction cost began to creep into the Myrtle Beach golf market, the cost of playing golf began to go up. As the gap between the original Myrtle Beach golf courses and the newer Myrtle Beach golf courses began to widen, the hotels were becoming more and more reluctant to absorb the higher green fee cost. The Myrtle Beach golf package hotels were reluctant to raise their advertised Myrtle Beach Golf Package rates. They were afraid the hotel down the street or another golf package destination, advertising a lower package rate would take their business. They had to come up with an advertising plan that would keep the advertised price low. So the SURCHARGE was born. To create the advertised price, the Myrtle Beach golf package hotels would average the green fee cost of the fifteen or so older Myrtle Beach golf courses. If the average green fee cost was $20.00 and it was a three round package, the golf course cost of the package would be $60.00. As long as you picked from the basic fifteen golf courses there was no additional charge incurred. If the golfer selected to play one of the newer golf courses and the green fee cost at that golf courses was $35.00, the hotel was not going to absorb the higher green fee cost for the golfer. The golfer would have to pay the difference between the average package green fee cost and the newer golf course green fee cost ($15.00 - THE SURCHARGE). The new golf course green fee cost of the package would be $75.00. The SURCHARGE is nothing more than the difference between the basic green fee cost in a package and the higher green fee cost of a course not listed in the basic package. There are no SURCHARGES at Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacations. All quotes are custom based on the actual cost of the golf course green fees.

Why do we have to guarantee payment for the Tee Times @ Myrtle Beach Golf Courses?
The Myrtle Beach Golf Market grew up a little different than most golf courses that you are use to playing. People coming to Myrtle Beach to play a Myrtle Beach Golf Package, Would make tee times six months or more in advance. Once these times were reserved, they were yours. If you had an 8:00 tee time, you could expect to tee off very close to 8:00. You did not have to come out a 6:00 and put your golf ball in the ball rack. Since, most days during the golf season were completely sold out, walk up golf was discouraged. If you didn’t show up for your tee time the golf courses lost the sale for that tee time. There was no one hanging around to play. The guaranteed tee times does two things; it guarantees that you will have a tee time around 8:00 and the course is guaranteed that it will get paid for holding that tee time for your group. Most courses have a standard cancellation policy. They will give reasonable consideration to a legitimate explanation for a missed tee time.

How do I book replay tee-times?
Replays can be made in advance, at the Myrtle Beach Golf Course that is played in the morning or a sister course that afternoon. Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacations can book these replay rounds, usually at a rate less than the full morning rate.

Can I book replay rounds myself?
You can make same day replay tee-times at the morning course or a sister course, upon completion of the morning round. Prices vary from cart fees to 50+% of the rack rate.

Are replays always available?
Replays are easily obtained at some courses, almost never available at others. The professionals @ Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacations know the easy ones and the hard ones. If replays are important to your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation package, we will tell you which ones you need to pre-book and the ones that you can make on your own. Usually a foursome can get a same day replay at most any Myrtle Beach Golf Course for the basic replay rate. Large groups should always pre-book replays. Rule # 1 of replays: first out in the morning, first chance for replays. Is there always enough daylight to play two rounds in Myrtle Beach? No, A typical morning round in Myrtle Beach take 41/2 hours and an afternoon round takes 5 hours The Key in playing 2 rounds on the same day is ” DO” you have time to actually PLAY 2 rounds. You have got to start early in the morning. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME STARTS the 1st Sunday in April and ENDS the LAST Sunday in October. DAYLIGHT in JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER is limited. There is usually plenty of time the rest of the year. If you start after 1:00 PM, after the fourth Sunday in October until the first week of March you may not finish the entire 18 holes. Most courses will not sell times utside of these ranges without telling you “you will NOT finish”.

Will I save money by booking my Myrtle Beach Golf Package Myself?
Myrtle Beach South Golf makes every effort to create the best-priced packages available. We will use every tool available to our staff (specials, midweek, pm, multi-plays, etc.). Generally, we are able to beat the call up price significantly. What about buying a Myrtle Beach Golf Package straight off the Internet?If you know the area, the golf courses, and the Myrtle Beach hotels and the internet is able to quote these variables on line, you may be able to book directly on line. Does the Internet always offer the most economical package? Does the Internet know when a course is doing maintenance? Is it biker week? Myrtle beach South Golf Packages knows these answers. It’s our business. It’s the service we provided. We will not let you down, PRICE WISE OR KNOWLEDGE WISE.

What information does Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacation Packages need to know to create your custom golf trip?In order to create a Myrtle Beach Golf Package that truly meets you needs we need to know:
1) What section of Myrtle Beach do you want to visit: Pawley’s Island, SC (30 Miles, South), Myrtle Beach proper or Calabash, NC (30 miles, North)?
2) Do you want to stay in an Myrtle Beach oceanfront hotel / condo, off ocean hotel or golf course condo?
3) When do you want to come? The most economical trips begin on Sunday afternoon. We need an arrival and departure date.
4) How many nights?
5) How many rounds?
6) If you want to play twice in the same day, do you want to play the same course twice?
7) The biggest variable in the golf package is the golf courses that you choose to play, high premium, select, basic or economical.
By looking at the base packages on the website, you can get an idea of package cost. Feel free to contact about your custom needs.

What about Non-Golfers Packages?
Non-golfers pay the accommodation portion of the package only. Some Myrtle Beach Golf courses may charge the non-golfer to ride along in the group.

Why should I stay at a Myrtle Beach hotel apposed to a Myrtle Beach golf course condo?
Condos are great if you want extra room. Most of our condos typically have 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each room, a full kitchen, a living room area and a patio / porch. Hotels have daily maid service, Condos charge extra for this service. Hotels usually have restaurants, pools, spas, and exercise areas on site. Condos may have these amenities but they are usually in separate areas.

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Howard McMeekin, PGA Life Member is the Head PGA Professional at Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacations.

We have asked our head PGA professional the most often asked questions concerning our Myrtle Beach golf packages. Contact us if you have a question that needs to be added to this list.