Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Review - Caledonia Golf Club

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Caledonia Golf Club

Hole by Hole review is from the Regular Mens Tees

Hole # 1 - Championship Tees - 376 Yards - Mens Tees - 350 yards

The opening hole at Caledonia Golf Club is a straight away par four. A good tee shot that dodges three bunkers on the left hand side will leave a short iron in the green. The green is guarded by a bunker on the front left and one on the right hand side. This is a reasonably flat green, so a birdie try is reasonable possiblity to start your round.

Hole # 2 - Championship Tees - 571 Yards - Mens Tees - 516 yards

A solidly hit tee shot should have no problem getting over the bunker on the right side. Aiming away from the right hand side bunker, brings the two left hand bunker into play. Getting the tee shot in the fairway sets up a second shot of 200 yards away from three bunkers on the left side. This will leave a short iron into the green guarded by a small bunker on the right side..

Hole # 3 - Championship Tees - 187 Yards - Mens Tees - 153 yards

At 56 yards deep, the green on this par three is the deepest on this fine golf course. The green sets behind a waste area that starts at the tee and continues along the entire right hand side. A very narrow bunker guards the center left of this green, get in this bunker and you may not be able to play towards the green. There is an optical illusion created by the waste area in the front. The green is much further away than it appears.

Hole # 4 - Championship Tees - 396 Yards - Mens Tees - 322 yards

This hole is a very slight dogleg from left to right. A waste area guards the right side of this fairway's landing zone. There is also a water hazard at the very end of the waste area, that must be avoided. A good drive anywhere left of this waste area will leave a short iron into this elevated green guarded by two deep bunkers on the left and grassy swales on the right and rear. This green has a good rise from front to back.

Hole # 5 - Championship Tees - 419 Yards - Mens Tees - 347 yards

Two large bunkers pinch in the right side of the landing zone of this straight away par four. The second problem on this hole is a tall pine tree that sets on the left side of the fairway. Get behind this tree makes getting on the green very difficult. A good tee shot in the fairway leaves a medium to short iron into this elevated green. Grassy mounds and swales circle this green.

Hole # 6 - Championship Tees - 157 Yards - Mens Tees - 120 yards

A very short par three with a dangerous very narrow very deep green. Depending on the hole location it could be a four club difference from one day to the next. A long bunker guards the entire left side an a small pot bunker guards the right rear of this very sloping green.

Hole # 7 - Championship Tees - 399 Yards - Mens Tees - 323 yard

A very short par four that offers a lot of different challenges. Don't let up here or a bogey is a real possibilty. The tee shot must clear a bunker that crosses the fairway from right to left and then runs up most of the left side of the fairway. The fairway is very wide to start, but the further you hit it, the narrow it gets. You can not see where the bunker cuts into the fairway on the left. Favor the right hand side of the fairway, but do not hit it too far or a large oak three will block your view or worse your shot into the green. There are no bunkers around the green that angles away from you from left front to back right.

Hole # 8 - Championship Tees - 528 Yards - Mens Tees - 477 yard

This is a very reachable par five. Challenge the middle two bunkers on the right hand side with a strong draw. You will be left with a shot of 225 yards over a small lake to a three tiered green. Can't carry the lake? Lay up with a medium to shot iron. This will leave a shot of about 100 yards into this very sloping green. If you can get on the right level a birdie try is a strong possiblity.

Hole # 9 - Championship Tees - 118 Yards - Mens Tees - 92 yard

This is a very shot par three, but is truely a testy tee shot. The green is very wide but it is very narrow. A very large bunker guards the green from the tee to the green. There are three very narrow bunker on this hole. One on the left and two in the middle rear of the green. Go any any of these three bunkers and you may not be able to play toward the green.

Front Nine - Championship Tees - 3151 - Mens Tees - 2669 Par 35

Hole # 10 - Championship Tees - 553 Yards - Mens Tees - 518 yard

A par five only reachable by the longest of hitters. The left side of the fairway has a lone bunker, that shouldn't be a problem for most players. Get your tee shot into the fairway and you will have a lay up shot of 200 yards. There is a very large bunker on the right side that must be avoided. The best play is toward the very left side of the fairway. This will give you the best look at the green that is in a bowl below fairway level. Two bunkers guard the left side of the green. A good pitch shot will make a birdie try possible.

Hole # 11 - Championship Tees - 167 Yards - Mens Tees - 150 yard

A small creek guards the entire left side of this green. The green angles away from the front right to the back left. The right front is narrow, the left side is wider. Two small pot bunkers on the front right, should not come into play. A large mound runs through the middle of the green, this creates putting problems if you are on the wrong side. A medium to short iron is all needed on this par three.

Hole # 12 - Championship Tees - 405 Yards - Mens Tees - 384 yard

A large bunker is located in the corner of this fairway that doglegs to the right, should not be a problem since the fairway is wide and there is nothing to worry about on the left hand side. A good drive will leave a short to medium iron into a green that gets very, very narrow in the rear portion. The left front is guarded by a small pot bunker and the back right is protected by two small bunkers. The green has a big rise in the middle that divides the front from the rear zone. The back of the green is down in a bowl.

Hole # 13 - Championship Tees - 398 Yards - Mens Tees - 354 yard

This beautiful hole starts with sharp dogleg from right to left, with a hugh oak tree guarding the left hand corner. A draw around the corner will leave a short iron into the hole. The green and fairway complex is formed into a penisular by a large bunker that starts about 100 yards away from the green on the left. This bunker wraps completely around the back of this very small green and stops about 75 yards out into the fairway on the right. There is a large bunker in the far right hand corner of the fairway, but does not come into play.

Hole # 14 - Championship Tees - 415 Yards - Mens Tees - 343 yard

A large lake guards the entire lenght of this dogleg left's, left side. A hugh oak defines the corner. Three bunkers line the area between the fairway and lake on the left side up to this oak tree. A slight draw into the right hand side of this fiatway will leave a short iron into this narrow, but very deep green. There is a small bunker guarding the right front corner of this. The putting surface rise shaply from the front to the middle of the green and then slopes drastically away from the center to the rear. Be sure to get the ball on the correct sectionof the green.

Hole # 15 - Championship Tees - 462 Yards - Mens Tees - 423 yard

The longest par four on Caledonia Golf Club is a slight dogleg from right to left with a hugh bunker guarding the left side of the fairway. A strong tee shot is reguired to reach this green with a long iron. One small bunker guards the left front of this elevated green and one small bunker guards the right side. The green sloppes sharply from front to back. Mounds encicrle the green on the left, right and rear making chipping interesting if this green is missed.

Hole # 16 - Championship Tees - 417 Yards - Mens Tees - 375 yard

There are four bumkers on the right side of this hole, but should not come into play. The bunker on the left does come into the driving zone, so stay to the right. A good tee shot into the fairway will leave a medium iron into a green fronted by a lake. A small bunker on the left front should not be in play. This green has a ridge running from front to back dividing the left from the right side.

Hole # 17 - Championship Tees - 175 Yards - Mens Tees - 132 yard

A short downhill par three to an elevated penisular green surrounded by a hugh bunker on all but a small portion of left side. A small pot bunker guards the center front of the green. Does not play quite as long as the card reads.

Hole # 18- Championship Tees - 383 Yards - Mens Tees - 301 yard

A 200 yard shot down the left side of the fairway will dodge the large lake on the right hand side of this hole. This will leave a short iron over the lake to a long slender green angling away front the golfer from the left front to the back right. The second shot must cross the lake which guards the front and right side of this green. There is a small bunker on the left rear, one in the center front and two guarding the rear of this green. Grassy swales between these bunkers make chipping very touchy from the rear. A rise in the middle of the green divides the right side from the left.

Back Nine - Championship Tees - 3375 - Mens Tees - 3041 Par 35

Total - Championship Tees - 6526 - Mens Tees - 5710 Par 70