Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Review - Heritage Golf Club

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Heritage Club

The review is based from the regular mens tees.

Hole # 1 - Championship Tees 417 - Mens Regular Tees 369

A tee shot in the fairway is a must on the first hole at The Heritage Golf Club. The further you go down the fairway the narrower the gap between the trees becomes. It may be a good idea to lay up short of the bunker on the left side of the fairway. This will allow you to hit a high shot over the oak trees intuding into the fairway. The first green will give you an idea of the greens to come. This one slopes severly from front to back. Be careful if the hole is on the back right as the greens slopes away toward the rear. A par is a good score to start your round.

Hole # 2 - Championship Tees 598 - Mens Regular Tees 536

A strong tee shot down to the bottom of the hill on the left side of the fairway will allow an opportunity to reach this green in two. The second shot must carry several pot bunker to reach this narrow but very wide green. A wetlands area and small lake cuts across the fairway and guards the right hand side of the fairway all the way to the green. Didn't hit the tee shot far enough to carry the bunkers, hit a lay up shot down the left hand fairway about 200 yards. This will leave a short pitch into the green. If the left fairway is is two narrow or your tee shot is two far to the right, choose the right hand fairway. The lay up shot is just past the 150 marker in the middle of the fairway. Don't go to far down this fairway, two tall cypress tees will block you shot into this narrow but deep green. Don't let the color of the flag get you here! The flag color is based on coming into the green from the left fairway.

Hole # 3 - Championship Tees 447 - Mens Regular Tees 404

A very slight downhill dogleg to the left. A slight draw on a tee shot landing in the fairway will get some extra roll forward and toward the left side of the fairway. Give it a little more room to start on the right. You will be left with a medium to short shot into a green guard on the left by a large bunker. The green slopes up from front to back.

Hole # 4 - Championship Tees 440 - Mens Regular Tees 420

This hole offers the most challengeing tee shot at The Heritage Golf Club. It must be threaded through a small opening between two large oak trees, guarding each side of the fairway. From the tee, the fairway appears to be one of the widest on this fabulous golf course. This appearance is very deceiving. A very large oak tree guards the left side of the fairway. Any tee shot left of the fairway bunker on the right will be blocked by this oak tree. A drive into the right side of this fairway will leave a long iron into this green. A rise in the middle of this green divides it into two distinct sections, try very hard to get on the correct level. A par is like a birdie on this hole.

Hole # 5 - Championship Tees 427 - Mens Regular Tees 384

The fifth hole is a hard dogleg from right to left. Four large bunkers guard the left hand side of this fairway in the corner. Three of these bunkers can be seen from the tee. The fourth is hidden, it is further out and further to the left of the ones you can see. It will take your best drive to carry these bunkers and reach the fairway. A good drive into the center of the fairway, will leave a medium iron into this green, guarded by a bunker on the left.

Hole # 6 - Championship Tees 203 - Mens Regular Tees 165

The green on the sixth hole is what makes this a strong challenge. The green is elevated. Wider in the front. It is lowest on the front left. Higher on the front right and still higher in the rear. The right front is guarded by three pot bunkers and the rear portion is guarded by a bunker on each side. You must be on the correct level to have any chance of making a putt.

Hole # 7 - Championship Tees 442 - Mens Regular Tees 399

Another accurate tee is required on the seventh hole. The ideal tee shot carries the trees and two bunkers on the right hand side, finishing in the fairway near the 150 yard marker. A tee shot that fails to carry the trees or one that strays to far right will have problems. Too strong of a tee shot going through the fairway has a chance of reaching a hidden hazard, The next shot will have tree problem far sure. A ridge separates the right front from the left rear of this green.

Hole # 8 - Championship Tees 155 - Mens Regular Tees 135

As on the sixth hole the green on the eight hole is the challenge. The green is divided in three distinct zones, the front, the middle right and the back left. Make sur to reach the proprer zone if you want a birdie try. Bunkers on the front right and front left, will catch misplayed shots.

Hole # 9 - Championship Tees 354 - Mens Regular Tees 320

This is a true lay up hole. A hard dogleg from left to right requires a tee shot of 230 yards. The ideal tee shot is just left of and past the fairway bunker on the right hand side of the fairway. This will leave a short pitch into the green. Any tee shot that goes through the fairway will be block by large oak trees on the left. A p

Front Nine - Championship Tees 3483 Yards - Regular Mens Tees 3132 Yards {Par 35}

Hole # 10 - Championship Tees 550 - Mens Regular Tees 507

This is a reachable par five, but the large oaks guarding the right side of the fairway must be challenged. A tee shot pulled or hooked will find the wetlands or rough on the left of the fairway. A shot in the left fairway will be blocked by the trees and force a lay up. The lay up shot of 200 yards missing two bunkers on the right will leave a short pitch into a very humpy green.

Hole #11 - Championship Tees 170 - Mens Regular Tees 125

A deep narrow elevated green awaites the tee shot at number 11. A deep bunker guards the front left of the green. The green is relatively flat so a birdie try is a good possiblity.

Hole # 12 - Championship Tees 367 - Mens Regular Tees 332

This hole is a slight dogleg to the right, with water down the entire right hand side and around the back of the green. The ideal tee shot is anywhere right of the fairway bunkers straight out. Don't get greedy and try to cut the corner, a group of large trees and the lake seem to catch most of these bold tee shots. From a tee shot in the fairway, all that is left is a short pitch into the green. The front of this green is a huge hump and everything slopes toward the lake at the rear of this green. There are three bowls on this green, middle right, back right and back left. Any shot hit too firmly into this green has a good chance of going all the way over into the hazard. For this short of a hole a par is a very good score.

Hole # 13 - Championship Tees 228 - Mens Regular Tees 175

This is as strong of a par three that you will play,anywhere. The tee shot is completely over a large lake to a penisular green. It has wide section in the front and a very narrow section in the rear. A huge hump in the middle separates the two sections. Two pot bunkers are waiting to catch any tee shot that is play too boldly through the middle of green. Two putting can be a big challenge on this hole. Take you par and hop, skip and jump to the next tee.

Hole # 14 - Championship Tees 426 - Mens Regular Tees 381

A tee shot with a carry of 200 yards over a large lake is need on this hole. The lake goes up the entire left side and cuts in front of the green. This lake area in front of the green must be dealt with if you missed your tee shot. A Slight draw aimed between the two fairway bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway is the ideal tee shot. Accomplish this and you are left with a medium iron into an elevated green with a hugh greenside bunker on the right. This green is low in the front and goes up a hugh slope to a flat zone in the rear.

Hole # 15 - Championship Tees 462 - Mens Regular Tees 426

The longest hole on this great golf course requires a strong tee shot in the fairway to have any chance of reaching this green in regulation. Dodge the fairway bunkers on the right and left, and you will have a long iron into a deep green guarded by two deep bunkers on the left side of the green. The green has a huge hump in the middle, dividing it into two sections, front and rear.

Hole # 16 - Championship Tees 416 - Mens Regular Tees 374

The fairway runs into a small pond about 275 off the tee. If the fairways are firm the longer hitters will need to lay up on this shot. If you do decide to lay up, a bunker on the left side will have to be dealt with. Once in the fairway you will be left with a medium to short iron into an angled green. The left front of the green is protected by two bunkers and the back right by one bunker. There is a big slope going from the lower right front to the higher back left.

Hole # 17 - Championship Tees 454 - Mens Regular Tees 388

Standing on the tee it looks like the shot is to try to carry the trees on the right. This is not the shot. Trees on this line are much more difficult to carry than they appear. The shot is a slight fade, played off of the bunker at the bend of the fairway. Getting in the faiway is a must on this shot. Large trees pinch in on the fairway up near the green, blocking any shot from the rough on either side of this fairway. Three bunkers guard the front of this green. The green has a severe slope from the middle to the front left.

Hole # 18 - Championship Tees 506 - Mens Regular Tees 470

The last hole at The Heritage Golf Club is a hard dogleg from right to left. This is a reachable par five. The ideal tee shot is a hard draw around the corner. If hit strong enough it will catch a down slope and leave roughly a 200 yard shot into the green. This second shot is to a penisular green surrounded by water. The front and rear of the green are pretty flat. A huge rise is in the middle of the green separates the front from the rear. Can't go for the green, the lay up shot is a medium iron to a spot short of the lake, This leaves a shot of about 100 yards across the lake. Don't go to far! The lake slips around very close to the back edge of the green, there is nothing to stop the ball from going into the lake.

Back Nine - Championship Tees 3585 Yards - Regular Mens Tees 3178 Yards {Par 36}

Total - Championship Tees 7068 Yards - Regular Mens Tees 6310 Yards {Par 71}