Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Review - Pawleys Plantation Golf Club

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Pawleys Plantation Golf Club

This review is based from the Mens regular tees.

Hole # 1 - Championship Tee - 511 Yards - Mens Tee - 484

The open hole at Pawleys Plantation Golf Club is a reachable par five. A strong tee shot down the left hand side of the fairway will open up a shot at the green from 230 yards or so. The desired second shot is a slight fade avoiding the long bunker down the right hand side of the fairway. Can't go for the green, the lay is a shot of 175 yards will leave a pitch shot of about 75 yards. You must avoid the bunker on the right or this hole becomes much harder. A par is obtainable and a birdie is a strong possiblity. The green is angled away from the fairway from the front left to the back right. There is a slight rise in the center going toward the back of the green.

Hole # 2 - Championship Tee - 461 Yards - Mens Tee - 408

A wide fairway greets you on the second hole, guarded by mounds on the right and a swale on the left. A strong drive in the fairway is a must if you want to make a par. Miss your tee shot here and you are force to deal with a lake and a large bunker on the left hand side of the fairway. Laying up short of the trouble on the left will leave a third shot of about 100 yards. A good drive in the fairway will leave a middle iron into a green divided by a huge rise in the middle of the green dividing the front and rear.

Hole # 3 - Championship Tee - 194 Yards - Mens Tee - 162

An hour-glass shaped green angling away from the tee shot from right front to back left greets the player, on this par three. The green is protected on the right rear and the left front by bunkers. A large water hazard comes into play if the pin is on the back left. A small rise in the green middle separates the two distinct sections.

Hole # 4 - Championship Tee - 543 Yards - Mens Tee - 468

A strong draw down the left hand side of the fairway missing four bunkers cutting this fairway into two sections is the ideal drive. If you going to try for the green on your second shot it must be a high softly landing shot. A lay up of 175 - 200 yards will leave you a short pitch shot into this narrow but wide green.

The left side of this fairway for the second shot is guarded by a hugh bunker on the left. A single bunker on the right, keeps this lay up, honest. The green is guarded by a bunker on the front right. The green is severly sloped on all sides.

Hole # 5 - Championship Tee - 390 Yards - Mens Tee - 353

A good drive missing the large pine tree guarding the left side of the fairway will leave a short to medium iron shot into a narrow green. The green is guarded on both the right and left by bunkers and the front by a lake. The green is basically flat.

Hole # 6 - Championship Tee - 432 Yards - Mens Tee - 382

This hole seems to play a little longer than the yard says. It is a straight away tee shot, that must stay away from a lake that runs down the entire left side of this par four. A good drive will leave a medium to long iron into a narrow green with undualtions all over the green. You need to have the correct distance for a chance at a birdie.

Hole # 7 - Championship Tee - 172 Yards - Mens Tee - 131

This is one of the better hole at Pawleys Plantation Golf Club. The right side is guarded by a huge bunker, short and down the entire right side on the green. The left is guarded by a tall pine tree and bunker. The green is very narrow from front to back and a good rise divides the front from the back. Get the right distance on the tee shot and you will a good chance at a birdie.

Hole # 8 - Championship Tee - 452 Yards - Mens Tee - 387

A Strong draw is needed to get around the corner and have a good open shot at the green. A long iron will be needed to reach this green. The green is guarded by a huge bunker on the entire left hand side. This green is one of the larger and flatter greens on this Jack Nicklaus design. A par is a very good score.

Hole # 9 - Championship Tee - 416 Yards - Mens Tee - 358

A large oak tree in the middle of the fairway has to be avoided on the tee shot. Get past this tree and you will have a short to middle iron into this raised green. The green slopes away from the middle of this flat green on all sides. There is a false front in that will roll back down into the fairway it not hit far enough up into the green. Get the ball on the green and you will be rewarded with a good chance for a birdie.


Hole # 10 - Championship Tee - 361 Yards - Mens Tee - 301

The tee shot to begin the back nine is a lay up of about 200 yards. This tee shot must avoid a hugh bunker that guards the right side and then turns toward the center of this fairway. A tee shot in the left side of the fairway will leave a short 100 yard shot over a lake to a bulkheaded green in the front. This very narrow green is guarded on the left and right by bunkers. A par is a good score, but a birdie is a strong possibilty.

Hole # 11 - Championship Tee - 563 Yards - Mens Tee - 542

This is a three shot par five all but the longest of hitters. The tee shot needs to be down the right hand side of the faiway. This will ensure a good angle for the lay up shot, that needs to be on the left hand side of the fairway. Do not challenge the oak trees fronting the right side of the fairway in the lay up zone. Either lay up well back of the oak trees or aim for the gap on the left. Get the lay up in the left of the fairway an you will have a short shot into a narrow but very long green. The green angles from front right to back left. This is one of the few greens that you will every play that is severly sloped from front to back. The ball will roll out much more that you expect. The large bunker guarding the left side of the green is actually higher than the putting surface and will make for an awkward bunker shot.

Hole # 12 - Championship Tee - 382 Yards - Mens Tee - 331

You will not need a driver on the hole. A 225 yard tee shot in the faiway, will leave a very short shot into the green. A tee shot pulled left or hit to far straight ahead will run into the rough and you will be blocked by several menacing pine trees. A very large bunker runs from the tee down the entire right side on the fairway into the center of the green. A tee shot in this bunker will make a par very difficult. The green has a severe slop on the left but the right is fairly level. A birdie is possible.

Hole # 13 - Championship Tee - 150 Yards - Mens Tee - 115

This par three is Pawleys Plantation Golf Club's signature hole. The tee shot is very short, but may be the most stressful shot you will have at this great golf course. Maybe on your entire Myrtle Beach Golf Package. The tee shot starts on a very small dike that crosses the Pawleys Island marsh. The penisular green is bulkheaded to keep the rising tide of The Pawleys Island Creek off of the putting surface. This small green is oddly shaped. Sitting out in the marsh exposes this green to the ocean breezes. It is truely a challenge to pick the correct distance and line for this tee shot. The reward for a well struck tee shot that fines the green is a short birdie putt. Depending on the hole location, the ball drop area on the right hand side of this green that may be a harder shot than the tee shot. If a study was evey done for this hole, I think there would be more birdies and double bogeys than pars and bogeys scored, here.

Hole # 14 - Championship Tee - 525 Yards - Mens Tee - 471

The Pawleys marsh runs down the entire right side of this reachable par five. A strong tee shot down near the small oak tree in the middle of the fairway, will leave a good opportunity to reach this green in two shots. A slight fade over the marsh and a bunker guarding the right side of a small green angled from left front to back right will set up a good eagle try. Not able to reach the green on your second shot, then the best lay up is the far left hand side of the fairway. This will leave only a short pitch through the heart of the green. The green is realatively flat, so three good shot should leave a good birdie try.

Hole # 15 - Championship Tee - 391 Yards - Mens Tee - 364

The tee shot on this slight dogleg left may be the most challenging tee shot on the course. It must be played between two large oak tree guarding both the right and left side of the fairway. Get the tee shot in the fairway and it will leave a short iron into a very narrow green in the front, but very wide in the rear. The green wraps around a deep bunker on the left.

Hole # 16 - Championship Tee - 444 Yards - Mens Tee - 405

If you liked number eight, you will love this hole. It is a hard dogleg to the left, But don't try to cut to much off of the corner. The corner is farther than it appears and the trees are higher than they look. A strong hook down the fairway works best. It will leave you a long iron into a green almost completely surrounded by sand. It you miss your tee shot left, beware. The Pawleys marsh is back. It will come into play if your recovery shot is to strong.

Hole # 17 - Championship Tee - 201 Yards - Mens Tee - 150

The second of the pawleys marsh par threes. The tee shot is completely over the marsh to a very shallow green. The wind is usually behind you on this shot and the green is usually firm. Getting the right distance is difficult on this par three. This green is pretty flat.

Hole # 18 - Championship Tee - 443 Yards - Mens Tee - 372

The Pawleys marsh runs down the left side of this hole. A slight draw is required on this slight dogleg left. keep it out of the marsh and a long bunker down the left side of the fairway and you will have medium iron into long green front to back. A very good finishing hole. Jump up and down if you make a par.