Roads, Distances & Travel Times to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

How to get to Mytle Beach, South Carolina.

The roads into Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have greatly improved since the early years of golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
In the late 1960's to the early 2000's, there were only three ways into Myrtle Beach.

1.Highway 9 into Highway 17 at North Myrtle Beach, SC {northern most}
2.Highway 501 into Downtown Myrtle Beach, SC {central}
3.Highway 521 into Highway 17 at Georgetown, SC {southern most}

We had two major roads:

# 1 - Highway 17, north - south orientated, [Georgetown, SC to Wilmington, NC]
# 2 - Highway 501, north - south orientated, [Myrtle Beach, SC through Conway, SC to Dillon, SC and I-95]
Highway 501 is basically east - west orientated in Horry, County, South Carolina.

Now, we have two new major roads to move the traffic into and around Myrtle Beach, SC.

•Interstate Quality Highway 22:

the western end connects to Highway 501 just East of Aynor, SC. It travels east and west around Conway, SC and the eastern end connects to Highway 17, just north of Myrtle Beach near the Restauran Row Section.

Highway 22 exit points from west to east
•Western Terminal point - West to Aynor, SC and Highway 501 - East to Conway, SC and Highway 501
•Highway 319 - leads into North Conway, SC - mostly local traffic
•Highway 701 - north to Loris, SC and Highway 9 - south to North Conway, SC
•Highway 905 - north to Longs, SC and Highway 9 - south to East Conway, SC
•Highway 90 - north to North Myrtle Beach and Highway 17 - south to East Conway, SC
•Highway 31 - north to North Myrtle Beach and Highway 17 - south to Socastee, SC and Highway 544
•East Terminal point Highway 17 - north to North Myrtle Beach - south to Myrtle Beach, SC

•Interstate Quality Highway 31:

The southern end connects to Highway 544, just west of Socastee, SC.
It travels north and south parallel to Highway 17, just west of the Intracoastal Waterway.
The northern end connects to Highway 9 west of Little River, SC.

Highway 31 exit points from south to north:

•Southern terminal point - Highway 544 - east to Socastee and points south via Highway 17 - west to Conway, SC
•Highway 501 - west to Conway - east to Myrtle Beach
•Robert Grissom Blvd - west to Carolina Forest - east to Myrtle Beach
•Highway 22 - west to Aynor and Highway 501 - east to Myrtle Beach
•North Myrtle Beach Main Street Connector - east into North Myrtle Beach
•Northern Terminal point Highway 9 - west to Loris, SC - east to North Myrtle Beach - north to Calabash, NC

Optional Ways into Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Coming down Interstate 95 from points north •Take Interstate 40 through Wilmington, NC. to Highway 17 South through Little River, SC, to North Myrtle Beach, SC. •Take Highway 9 through Dillon, SC., Loris, SC. into North Myrtle Beach, SC. - Highway 17 South •Take Highway 501 at South of the Border through Aynor, SC., Conway, SC into Myrtle Beach, SC

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